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Network Username

Your Network Username is an eight-character combination of your first and last names, and it may also include your middle initial and/or numbers. You will use it to access university email, the wired and wireless networks, Blackboard, and some departmental systems.

Your Network Username

Network usernames are automatically assigned to all students, faculty, and staff. Sponsored guests and sponsored affiliates can be assigned a Network Username.

Students - Your Network Username is assigned when your application is committed for attendance to the university. Your Network Username will be active for one year after graduation (undergraduates) or two years after graduation (graduate students).

Faculty and Staff - Your Network Username is automatically assigned when your employment paperwork is processed by Human Resources. A network manager can pre-assign a Network Username prior to the paperwork being completed. Check with your network manager or the UTS Service Desk for more information.

Sponsored Guests - You may be assigned a Network Username when requested by a network manager. The username will expire after a period of time.

Sponsored Affiliates - You can be assigned a Network Username if sponsored by a department. Please see UNIV 2.50 Affiliate Appointments for more information.

To locate your Network Username or set your password, visit here and sign in using your VIP ID and password.

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Your Network Username Password

In order to use your Network Username, you must have a valid password. You can set your initial password or reset your password by visiting my.sc.edu.

  • For security purposes, your Network Username password will expire every six months. You will receive an email from the UTS Service Desk when your password is nearing expiration.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone. No university employee will ask for your password.
  • If you forget your password, you can establish a new password at my.sc.edu.
  • The Network Username and password combination controls login access to university email, the wired and wireless networks, the Blackboard instructional system, and some departmental systems. Please check with your local system administrator or the UTS Service Desk if you have questions about login access on other systems.
  • Resetting your Network Username password at my.sc.edu will change your password on all systems that use the Network Username and password for login access.
  • If you change your password on a system that uses your Network Username and password for login access, you are changing your password for all systems that use it for login access.

    To reset your password, follow the instructions below: 

    1. Go to my.sc.edu.
    2. Choose View my IDs and manage my passwords.
    3. Sign in using your VIP ID and password.
    4. In the Network Username section, choose Manage Password.
    5. Enter and confirm a new password.
    6. Press Set Password.
    7. Wait 2 minutes.
    8. Your new password can be used to log in to email, Blackboard, the university network, and other systems that use the Network Username.
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Changing Your Network Username

  1. Review the Acceptable Reasons for Changing a Username and the Policies and Issues.
  2. If applicable, change your name at the Registrar's Office and/or Human Resources.
  3. Submit a Network Username change form to UTS.
  4. Unsubscribe from any mailing lists and news groups using your current Network Username.
  5. UTS will review the request and, if approved, will create a new Network Username and will designate it as the preferred username. You will be notified the username change has been completed.
  6. Upon notification that your username has been changed, you will need to:
    • Make the appropriate updates to your personal information in my.sc.edu.
    • Subscribe to mailing lists and newsgroups with your new Network Username.
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Policies and Issues for Changing Your Network Username

  1. The user is solely responsible for identifying and supplying the names of systems on which the old Network Username is used for login access or alternatively notifying any system (computer or software) manager of any change.
  2. The system manager of any system is solely responsible for responding to the request to make the physical change of the Network Username on the system upon notification by UTS or the user.
  3. If the Network Username is in use on multiple computer systems, the physical change of the username on each system is done by the manager of each system and may not occur simultaneously. This means that the both the old and new username may need to be used on separate systems until all changes have been completed. UTS cannot control systems not under its direct management.
  4. The user is solely responsible for notifying all correspondents of the change of email address.
  5. UTS will not create an alias or forward email from the old Network Username to the new Network Username.
  6. The user must manually unsubscribe from lists with the old email address and re-subscribe using the new email address.
  7. Users are responsible for coordinating any required movement of files on a computer system from the old Network Username to the new Network Username with the system administrator.
  8. File and resource access authorizations will be lost. The user is responsible for contacting owners of files and resources they access to request new permissions based on the new Network Username.
  9. The user is solely responsible for changing their email address alias, if any.

Acceptable Reasons for Changing Your Network Username

  • Marriage, divorce or other legal name change. These changes must be made in official university records:
    • Registrar's Office for students, Human Resources for employees, or both if the individual has dual status, e.g. student employee or staff that take classes.
    • Once the name has been changed in official university records, the request will be accepted and processed.
  • The constructed username is vulgar, extremely suggestive, or is clearly objectionable. These are not typical since the Network Username is created automatically from the first name, last name, and/or initials.
  • The Network Username is a mainframe IMS or Batch ID, e.g. IREG015 or T570012.

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