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Network Services Rate Bundles Telecommunication Services

Upon review by the President's Executive Council and the Council of Academic Deans, President Pastides approved a request by University Technology Services to bundle communications services that were previously billed individually. Monthly recurring charges for telephone, fax, basic voice mail, and domestic long distance will be replaced with a new Network Services Rate. International long distance fees will still apply. 

The Network Services Rate, effective July 1, 2011, does not increase UTS revenue. It combines the multiple telecommunication costs listed above into a single, annual charge that also includes network services, such as the Internet, as well as the infrastructure for campus security and safety. The change will allow UTS to better serve and sustain the future of the University network. 

The FY2011-12 Network Services Rate is based on a monthly rate of $41 per FTE. It will be assessed for all USC Columbia campus departments, except areas that have employees that are paid from private sources.  Student and temporary employees have been factored into the rate on a pro-rated basis. 

A list of services included in the Network Services rate and FAQs are available on the UTS website at and

For more information, please contact the UTS Business Office at 7-8053.

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